Life can be challenging in a world cursed by sin, and people sometimes need help in learning how to deal with life’s difficulties. At Abundant Life, we promote a culture of discipleship where members naturally care for other members. The most effective means of helping people mature in wisdom and develop the skills they need to handle life’s problems is through in-depth discipleship, also known as Biblical counseling. That is why we encourage our members to participate in our Discipleship/Counseling Training program. This training provides them with the essential tools and knowledge to show people how the Bible applies to every area of life.

Our counseling is shaped by a Christ-centered view of human life as found in the Bible. We believe that the Bible is true, authoritative, and is sufficient for all the spiritual needs of the individual. The Bible provides everything that people need to experience the abundant life, which consists of peace with God, purpose in living, joy in the midst of life’s difficulties, and hope for the future. As our Biblical counselors share the Word of God through conversation, they help counselees learn to seek God’s help and depend on Him to overcome their problems.

Pastor Lloyd is certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors to both provide counseling and to supervise counselors-in-training. In addition, he is the director of an approved Counseling Training Center where those who are interested in developing Biblical counseling skills and pursuing certification can obtain the required Counseling Foundations training.

If you would like to meet with one of our trained Biblical counselors, please contact Pastor Lloyd at